Surf Season 20 Winners!

Discussion in 'Surf' started by Teddi, Oct 2, 2020.

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    We finally hit and finished the big 2-0! The competition got closer towards the end with mat and eth9n getting closer and closer - however no actual placement changes really ever happened there! Shout out to Jr for smoothly waltzing in to the top 10 last minute as if it were nothing!

    Congratulations to both the veterans on this list and the newcomers!

    1st place: bigdogmat - 763 points
    2nd place: eth9n - 731 points
    3rd place: Staplee - 309 points
    4th place: Walrus - 293 points
    5th place: Demo - 253 points
    6th place: Snow - 222 points
    7th place: YoKnow0w.-! - 215 points
    8th place: The Dwarf Magician - 210 points
    9th place: kyyba - 193 points
    10th place: Jr6150 - 147 points

    Rewards have been issued, to see the reward structure, please visit this post.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.