Season 23 Winners!

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    This season was quite a turbulent one with a number of attempts made to exploit systems or cheat which resulted in a small number of players having their times reset, in a few more extreme cases, reset multiple times. We're fairly happy at this point that we've improved visibility for these events and we'll continue to monitor the leader-boards with great interest.

    In other news, from this season onwards we're moving to a slight re-branding of seasons. Instead of being season <number> we're now <season of year> <year> instead. So the next season is "Summer 2021" instead of "Season 24". We hope this conveys information a bit better as to when a season was finished (and recognition received) instead of an arbitrary number and having to work it out!

    Anyways, on with the rewards!

    1st place: Digi - 633 points
    2nd place: GlanGeR - 510 points
    3rd place: ???? 6??? - 467 points
    4th place: Skerf - 370 points
    5th place: Natanskybudder8 - 322 points
    6th place: ???? Snow - 284 points
    7th place: The Dwarf Magician - 281 points
    8th place: CritzPro - 249 points
    9th place: drtydrtydrtydrtydrty - 236 points
    10th place: Rock - 203 points

    All rewards have been issued.

    To see the reward structure, please visit this post.
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