BBase Update 47 - What a Bazaar Update

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    We’re pleased to announce that the Bazaar is now open! Within it, you’ll find rare goods, some of which cannot be found anywhere else. The bazaar is restocked every 4 days, so the items in it are both time and stock limited! Players can bid on items - much the same as the player market - with the highest bidder getting the items when the Bazaar is next restocked. Items on the Bazaar can only be bid on.

    In addition, some other fixes are included:

    · Adjusted F1 tab names, so they are a bit shorter and succinct.

    · Fixed bug where particles in the equip preview would not bind to the correct bone.

    · Networking of item meta date now handled in chunks, rather than one big net message.

    · Item quality text now has a slightly different color to the background in item icons. Hopefully, this should make it more readable.

    · Fixed store tab having the wrong title.

    · Can now sort by item quality on the market.

    · Expiration timers in the market are slightly more accurate.
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