BBase Update 46 - Market Update - Bargain Hunt Edition

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    We are pleased to announce that bidding has come to the player marketplace. You can now list your items with a bid option, allowing players to bid against one another, to secure that precious item.

    A few caveats to bear in mind:
    • An item can either be a buyout listing, or a bit listing – not both.
    • A bid listing can only be listed for a maximum of 3 days, versus 14 days for a buyout listing
    • A bid listing can only be removed from the marketplace when it has NO active bids. Once there is a bid on an item, it can no longer be removed, and you are committed to selling it to the highest bidder.
    • When you bid on an item, and are outbidded by another player, it can take a couple of minute for your bid to be returned.
    • You can not bid on your own items (Nor can you buyout your own items anymore).

    We’ve also made some QoL updates to the market, specially, we have added a sort / filter / search bar to the top of any listing page. We hope to roll this out to other panels soon™
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    I'm going to outbid everyone for everything.