BBase Update 43.1

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    Sneaking this in just before the end of the year as it's unlikely any "major" things will get added during this time, rounding it all off. As ever there'll be a year in review blog post coming up towards the new year so keep an eye out for that!


    • Admin notifications to our web platforms now use @here instead of @everyone
    • If a user enters the ballpit via bb_ballpit 1, an indicator is now displayed in the bottom left.
    • Corrected a minor edge case where alt punishments wouldn't be checked if it was a brand new account.
    • Updated the xmas event and refreshed some achievements
    • RTV now only requires 70% of active, non-AFK players instead of 80% of active, non-AFK players
    • Corrected an edge case where redeeming multiple Platinum memberships against one account in one go would only apply the duration of the first.
    • Adds support for mass actions / mass-uncrating
    • Internally changed how some credentials are loaded
    • Added stats for new maps (boreas, ravine, aquaflow)
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