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Discussion in 'BBase' started by Teddi, Aug 15, 2020.

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    Bit late with this update post, but much of the work was going into anniversary and I took a few days off after.

    • Alt-punishment checking has been brought back. For a while it was disabled and only family-sharing was checked, but now all are checked.
      • Admins are also now notified about alts, similar to how they are with family sharing.
    • Added some new novelty messages for admins
    • Added helpban support. Restricts people from using /admin


    • Added new crate series
    • Added a new deletion type to the item system for system events
    • Votemap weighting has been added. This will only be turned on for servers that require it, but it effectively means that maps that are played more often will receive a longer cooldown.
    • Platinum Players now get +2 weekly crates.
    • Fixed a case where hugging specific admins wouldn't actually give you credit for the achievement
    • Changed up the admins that appear on /hug
    • F1 had bit of a performance cleanup. It's now far faster to open up!
    • The store had some additional cleanup since the initial update and there's a few new recipes!
    • Fixed the delight stat tracker so players can see their old records correctly.
    • Fixed a weird edgecase where having a ' in a title led to infinite backslashes
    • Various achievements were deprecated.
    • Glory to [BB] radio added
    • /portal will no longer show the server you're currently on.
    • Satanic Jar has been upgraded to actually be satanic. Satan wasn't happy with the original state of it.
    • If a player leaves via the server portal, it now notifies the server.
    • If you use a title card without actually selecting a player, it'll now error out instead of setting it on a random player.
    • Annual Anniversary Advent changes
    • Platinum player models will now appear to non-plats, but will be grayed out unless they upgrade.
    • If a player opens a crate with more than 3 items, instead of listing all items it'll just display the total number.
    • Added a range of new unusual effects
    • Speaking of - effect jars are now Legendary!
    • Added 3 new player models
    • Removed the Ashe player model.
    • Players are now "encouraged" to join the steam / discord groups if they're not already.
    • Added elder / ancient / eternal achievements
    • Admin-only items that are awarded to new recruits are now automatically dished out.
    • Added !command / !commands, which will list in the console every chat command usable. This will vary from gamemode to gamemode.
    • Various other fixes + additions that are a tad too minor to mention or got lost in the notes.
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