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    • Amen no longer removes itself if an admin tries to use it too early
    • Added a small cooldown to MVP votes
    • MVP votes will now "flash" the screen of users who are alt-tabbed.
    • Fixed a scenario where !warn would result in a whitescreen and a lua error, meaning the recipient had to force-quit out


    • Various new items have been added, some for achievements, some for the store!
    • Various achievements that can no longer be attained were retired
    • Changed how replacement textures can be broadcast
    • Added the ability to "blank out" textures / materials we no longer want.
    • Re-added steam group support. Yay friends!
    • Equipped items now spawn in "slower" as to prevent any significant performance dips
      • The server also mounts the content to ensure no pre-cacheing issues happen. GMod also had an update to fix something related to this
    • Reserved slots now correctly respect monthly Platinum membership
    • Changed how the underlying socket system works, more secure and it means servers don't need to have code added to handle said system
    • Lottery will now reset entries once the prize has been issued, not the other way around.
    • Various voice emotes that didn't broadcast to chat, now do so
    • Removed all mentions of Gold Member.
    • Fixed equitable models not having their material overrides processed when painted
    • Added / fixed / updated a number of "scalable" UI functions we had but never used correctly
    • Fixed an edgecase where system based titles could cause an error with the chatbox because the module was disabled
    • Lottery is now capped to an entry of 20 million per-person
    • Players can now view maps and their cooldowns via /maps or /list
    • You now have the ability to favourite maps on the votemap screen
    • Changed how /played calculates your time played when displaying the message. This does not impact your actual playtime and how it was stored.
    • Chatbox and the parser system have received a huge update to offer better improvement and better visual viewing as well. "AFKaiden" is back!
    • When chatting, your hand will raise once again.
    • Added !time and !date
    • Other misc / non-noteworthy fixes and changes
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Thread Status:
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