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    It's been a few months since an update thread, oops!

    • Changed how offline punishments cast their values internally to prevent value wonkyness with floats.

    • Added new items
      • Gladiator Maximus
      • Bumble Beanie
      • Coonskin Cap
      • Raptor Set
      • Rupturing Axe
      • Rupturing Mace
    • You can now enter the lottery that bit quicker after checking how much is in it!
    • Chatbox will no longer hold what was left in your entry box if you close it.
    • Added <img> tag support for the chatbox!
      • For example: <img path=bb/chat/bb_admin.png />
      • Works with any material you have loaded, but for everyone to see you need to make sure it's something everyone has.
    • Chatbox will now start auto-pruning messages once there's 50 messages. Can be changed with "bb_chatbox_autopurge_messages".
    • Added new effect jars to the crafting system
    • Changed how more sensitive credentials can be loaded and stored into the system, means no longer baking credentials into the code.
    • Servers will no longer announce themselves to discord.
    • Retired some old achievements that were no longer attainable, but still showed up.
    • Title system has been overhauled.
      • There are now two title "types". Generic and System
      • System titles are things like the BB and MVP tags and so on.
      • Generic are things like rewarded titles, title cards etc.
      • System titles cannot be changed by title cards and aren't affected by the titlecard ruleset either
      • /title now splits these titles up.
      • Generic titles (such as seasonal reward titles) are no longer hard-coded (yay).
      • If you were using what is now a system title, this title has been applied correctly for you and your generic title cleared.
    • Some titles now have an image edition of them instead of a text edition.
      • Those on the default HL2 chatbox will continue to only receive the text edition of them.
    • Some other non-descriptive, more general bugfixes.
    Hopefully we have some bigger things popping out of the works soon, though we're trying to see if we can boost performance a bit (especially where the equip system system is concerned), so hang tight!
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