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Discussion in 'Suggestions / Bugs' started by Chase, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. Chase

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    Feb 19, 2016
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    Was thinking maybe there could be a tab in F1 of say a youtube for the server. One key thing would just be one video each showing a normal route of every map. That way if anyone needs help with a map they can just hit F1 and find the video of the map and watch a normal route for the map. If they want skips or such then they could just ask. Also, some other video ideas on there could be item showcases and map previews. I do suppose away around it could be bots of a route or number one all time. I know there's always been talk about that but not sure the status of it.

    So to shorten it up.
    : One youtube channel has a video of each map showing a normal route on the server.
    : All under one tab in F1.
  2. Kaiden

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    Feb 13, 2008
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    So there's a youtube extension for the Wiki, I think it's more where would we get a decent video for each map - most on Youtube have awful music, quality, or are speed runs, which aren't really helpful to new players when they're going 3k+ speed and using various advanced skips.

    I also expect F1 doesn't look up the map you're on but could be mistaken, possibly a Tutorials tab where there's videos for each map where they're collapsed by default.

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  3. Teddi

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    Due to technical limitations (Gmod doesn't run a modern browser unless on x64) this currently can't be done.