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    • Added a range of new account-based achievements based on things such as playtime, beating x surf maps etc.
      • Items have also been added to some of these achievements to make them a tad more unique and interesting milestones!
    • Released Season 8 Crate
    • Added other non-achievement items to the store.
    • Added Mercy / Widowmaker playermodels.
    • Added a new chatbox. This has been locked behind the convar "bb_beta_chatbox".
      • If you set this to 1 and rejoin the new chatbox will load in. As the convar suggests however; this is a beta. There is non-standard / bugged functionality / unintended results at times while the last few bugs in the system are worked out. You have been warned!
      • This chatbox allows for coloured tags, buttons, some images and so on.
    • Added a range of new chat emotes. Find them in /emotes!
    • Added the RGB Aura. This uses a new technique to generate a different aura pattern. meaning it's entirely unique in how it functions and operates!
    • Misc bugfixes
    It's been a slow final quarter of the year. Unfortunately I've been in the process of moving between jobs + a whole other bunch of shit at my last job meaning there was a complete and utter slowdown. Hopefully in the new year this should be far better and content should start coming at a more respectable pace.
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Thread Status:
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