Trouble in Terrorist Town Update 6.2

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    Some of these changes have been in for a while, some were released for the update of 160.

    • Fixed a bug where bodies with last words on them could not be inspected.
    • Fixed a rare clientside error involving the TTT weapon base
    • Players can no longer fly up to and above the roof area on rooftops.
    • Fixed a bug whereby players could still lose 400 karma after the round ended.
    • Fixed an issue where the panels in the buy menus were misaligned and harder to click
    • Added a message in the spectator screen stating you cannot see names.
    • Other fixes I can't recall.

    A known bug is automatic weapons appear to shoot a second bullet on the clientside and as a result it appears the gun has become some sort of sprayer. I'll look into this at somepoint.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.