Trouble in Terrorist Town update 3

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    • Removed a check for things pertaining to ULX
    • Karma is now stored between games
    • You may now have a max karma of 1200.
    • Karma penalties are now slightly harsher.
    • The bonuses for being a good player have been slightly increased
    • The voice drain system has been increased
    • Admins are no longer affected by the voice drain
    • The amount of time a player can idle is now two minutes (down from three)
    • Long Fall Boots have been added! You will only take 20% damage from jumps instead of 100%.
    • Platinum now have 5x extra punch power when possessing props
    • Platinum users have the ability to buy as many credit items as they desire.
    • For a full list on Platinum benefits, please visit
    • Some maps have been rearmed to have extra ammo / weapons
    • Extra weapon prediction has been added. This may cause issues so keep me me updated on this please.
    • Knives should have better prediction / detection now, report back on this
    • Bonus times for kills have been redone.
      • More than 17 players mean 10 seconds bonus
      • More than 12 players means 20 seconds bonus time
      • Otherwise bonus time will be 30 seconds
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.