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    Preface: The map is accurately tiered at t2, technically meeting the requirement of the easy server

    I have concerns with the overall quality of this map, my main concern being the upward spin at around 20 seconds into the run. This is the hardest part of the map and it is right in the middle of the run, ultimately causing the pacing of difficulty to be weird. The part before this turn I would consider t1, and the rest of the map t1 difficulty except the spiral downward toward the end ramp probably somewhere around t2 difficulty. The spin at 20s seems unnecessarily difficult given the rest of the layout of the map and I believe having such a hard part so early in the run is not conducive to a good easy server map. The sum of the difficulty is a t2 map, but I feel the pacing is sort of like _/\_

    Conclusion: Potentially look at replacing this map, it's pretty, but lacks quality in terms of pacing