Surf Update 16.2

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  1. Teddi

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    • UI Adjustments for the rivals / opponents system
    • Split adjustments for various maps
      • Mostly to account for edge cases where players could slip by
    • Added the ability to disable screen shake. This is enabled by default.
    • Added global autohop to surf_fortum bonus
    • Fixed an issue with surf_klue that could then allow players to take a very unintended skip
      • Times were reset for this but can history be viewed in the surf telemetry system that Platinum has access to.
    • surf_tendies max velocity is now correctly clamped to 5000.
    • Added surf_enlightened_ksf to T1-3
    • Added surf_arcade to T2-6
    • Added surf_overgrowth2 to T2-6
    • Added new end stage trigger type which can be rotated on all 3 angles.
      • Some maps have had this retro-fitted and so better all-times might be achievable for slightly reduced effort.
    • After much petitioning, surf_reprise has had its ending extended upwards slightly.
    • surf_airflow now inhibits pebblebusting on the stage 4 start.
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    As well there's a few new achievements for Surf that reward unique items:

    Beat 750 Maps on Easy (Winning Streak) - Superior Sniper
    Beat 1,000 Maps on Easy (World Wide Winner) - The Wild Hunt
    Beat 250 Maps on Hard (A Greater Cause) - Dead Head

    Those that already have already reached the milestones will get the rewards on logging in.
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