Surf Update 16.1 - Ranking System Enhancements

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    Headline Features
    • Added the Challengers and Rivals as a Platinum perk within the ranking system. You can see these on the ranking tab in the bottom left.
      • This lets you see the 15 players above you (Rivals) and 15 below you (Challengers) and compare map times with those players.
      • This may make it easier to beat other players, especially at the top of the ranking tables, as you will know what maps to improve on to net a particular rank
      • Players will also show as a rival or challenger when you hover over them in game.
    • Players can now opt-out of the ranking systemin F1.
      • This can be done in F1 > Settings > Ranking. It can take a couple of hours for this to take effect.
    Other Stuff
    • When the Vanquisher rank changes hands, a discord message is printed.
      • The server in-game will always announce who the current Vanquisher is.
    • When ranks were last updated should now be correct.
    • Increased resolution of tooltip avatar for ranks
    • Ranks without a percentile now show as N/A instead of -1
    • Targetids no longer draw if the mouse is not in the middle of the screen.
    • Added plat "nag" window to the telemetry and when you press on the rivals or challengers buttons.
    • Resolved bug with the red X on the scoreboard if the scoreboard was open too soon after connected.
    • When your rank doesn't change on a rank update, you get a message stating your rank has not changed, instead of the you rank has changed from x to x.
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