Surf Update 16 – Ranking System

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    Surf Update 16 – Ranking System

    We’re pleased to launch the ranking system! This gives players a way of understanding their aggregate time trial position versus other players and rewards titles for their progress.

    We will expand shortly on how it works, but as a simple rule of thumb, it’s an accumulation of your position across all leaderboards on all maps in the past twelve weeks. Every player is given three statistics – the percentile they are in versus all other players, their title (based off said percentile) and also a title position (Where they are against all other players with the same title)

    Ranks are calculated every hour and will update live as you are connected to the server. We also display the top 50 players as well as your best, and second-best map times in the past twelve weeks; these map times are a reflection of the times used by the ranking system. So, if you’re aiming to increase your ranking, this is the best place to start. A penalty is applied for being “unranked” on a map, so consistency is just as important as skill.

    As the ranking system only looks at times in the past 12 weeks, if you don't keep up with your times, you might find your rank starts to slip.

    You can also disable your rank displaying if you wish to hide it – this can be found in F1 > Settings > Ranking.

    So get out there, and beat your fellow player!

    Other updates applied as well:
    • Additional split changes and updates.
    • Additional of AHop to Kitsune
    • Addition of “surf_nosavezone”, to avoid players saving in areas of a map which could lead to undesirable results
    • Gravity is now reset on players when they respawn
    • Minor tweaks to Pebblebuster
    • Player names are hidden when spectating
    • Added Surf_Tendies to Easy and Surf_Limbo to Tier 2-6 Server.
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    For those interested in the full structure with images, see below. This can be accessd any time when in-game via F1 and clicking the Rank System banner, or the Help button on the Rank tab.

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