Surf Update 15

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    • Too many split run fixes to count.
    • Modifications to pebblebuster to make it slightly more efficient and reduce erroneous edge-cases.
    • Added surf_omnific
    • Added surf_ebony
    • Added new ahop zones to surf_loves_spliff
    • Added additional ahop zones to surf_pandemonium_njv
    • Removed the health / reset buttons on surf_lore
    • Corrected a bug where if a player spectated someone, their spectators wouldn't get removed
    • Modified the start zone on surf_me
    • Various maps had their endings made flush with the end platform as opposed to being somewhat "inwards"
    • Added surf_pagoda
    • Added surf_salvation
    • Fixed the streamer keyboard disappearing if the player spectated and unspectated someone
    • We now remove additional soundscapes because ear bleed isn't fun
    • Split errors are now automatically reported to GitHub
    • The payment string displayed at the end of a map when completing now matches the correct BBase behaviour. (This could be +/- a few Cubes visually, but the amount awarded was always correct).
    • Seriously, there's a shitload of split fixes
    • Autohop step system has been implemented. Live on the following maps where applicable:
      • surf_ace
      • surf_aser
      • surf_ny_platinum
      • surf_progress_fix
      • More coming soon (e.g. Whiteout)
    • Removed the "fading white" effect on surf_whiteout_v1_1
    • Modified the teleport entity on surf_whiteout_v1_1 so players should no longer get stuck walking from stage 1 to stage 2
      • but now they'll get stuck going from stage 2 to stage 1.
    • Removed various entities on surf_minimumwage that could enable skips that weren't legal.
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Thread Status:
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