Surf Update 15.1

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    Mostly minor enhancements / fixes, but nice ones nonetheless!
    • A few more split positioning changes
    • Stage history is now saved per session
      • This means if a player gets disconnected, they can access any stage completed during the current map session.
    • Players upon rejoining after being disconnected will spawn at their last unfinished stage.
    • Fixed a rare bug where if a player lacked CSS content and failed to mount our supplementary materials, their profile would fail to load
    • Split-run output has been enhanced for the chatbox.
    • Added a map flag that can enable autohop globally for a map. This is used for surf_lt_omnific.
      • Ahop will only enable when starting a run and won't be on from the get-go.
    • Added surf_boreas
    • Added surf_ravine
    • Added surf_aquaflow
    • Re-added surf_666
    • Players should no longer get stuck when teleporting to bonuses on surf_premium
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Thread Status:
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