Surf Map Suggestion Megathread

Discussion in 'Surf' started by Ender, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. HuggingPretzel

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    Jun 5, 2020
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    I lowkey really like this map. I was able to very easily complete it stage by stage on 600 grav.
    Seems to be a good learning curve for newer players and a good challenge for advanced players trying to speedrun it.

    Some ahop zones will be needed
  2. Melvin Luxtehude

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    Jul 23, 2020
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    Absolutely, same as we have for Ace, or Kit 2 we will want auto hop zones in the sections between levels if we add this.
  3. Red

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    Aug 31, 2021
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    I didn't really want to make a thread on it specifically so i'll just post it here, but surf_ny_platinum could use some changes.
    Removing the moving walls on S3 just objectively makes the map more enjoyable for everyone.
    The spawn on S4 is completely wrong for some reason, so the WR run is actually impossible at the moment due to it, even loading it up on singleplayer shows you should spawn on the above platform and not where you end up on this server.
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  4. Teddi

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    For maps (and modifications to them) we generally try to leave them as-is unless it entirely makes sense to modify them or they cause a crash (e.g. spinners on fruits). The argument I'm putting forth here is the moving walls are on a standard timer and can be surfed over without much issue and removing them makes it an incredibly dull stage - do we actually benefit from them being removed?

    S4 spawn is intentional for two reasons:

    1) With the 600 gravity it's actually possible to just 180 and jump over.
    2) The actual respawn for that stage is below.

    I could probably add some sort of push to that area to try and prevent people jumping over but then the question is, how much push is too much? I could also add some protection on the platform below so they can't actually get past unless they hit the telepad which would also protect from bhoppers. I guess I'd be curious to see feedback on this one.