Surf Map List with Tier, Type, and WR

Discussion in 'Surf' started by Floofer, Feb 20, 2021.

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    Feb 19, 2021
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    Hey yall, I didn't know if this existed for these servers so I decided to compile the maps for the hard server. This took me a little while, hopefully it is useful to at least one person.

    Time (WR) may vary from 5-10 seconds off current, if more, please notify me.
    If a tier is wrong, please notify me.
    A combo map is a map with stages or checkpoints, but can be ran in a linear fashion.
    If a map is added or such, please notify me. Easy server list will be coming soon. Thanks yall.

    If this image is too big to post, please let me know and I will delete the post.

  2. Floofer

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    Feb 19, 2021
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    Here is the easy server map/tier list.

    Compiled 2/22/2021 by floof.
    Please notify me if anything is wrong or a time is more than 10 seconds off the wr.
    Thanks yall :) EasyMaps.png
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    Sep 10, 2017
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    Requesting an updated compilation with the new maps added with the new season (04/01).

    Hard Server
    • surf_arcade
    • surf_overgrowth2

    Easy Server
    • surf_enlightened

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    Jan 28, 2021
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    hard server mistakes:

    minimumwage is tier 3
    mesa_aether is tier 3
    unicorn is tier 4
    island is tier 2
    underworld is tier 4
    cyanide is tier 4
    milkyway is tier 3, although tiering it at 4 on bb is probably better
    omnific is tier 6 lmao
    pandemonium is tier 3
    depths is tier 3
    antimatter is correct, however i would personally put it at tier 5 on bb
    happyhug is correct, however tier 5 is also probably better due to the last stage :/
    sandman is tier 4
    6 is tier 2 LMAO

    arcade is tier 2
    og2 is tier 4, although rating it tier 5 on bb is acceptable

    easy server mistakes:

    lore is tier 2, though 1 might be fine?
    progress is far longer on here due to the skip being blocked
    boring is tier 2
    vegetables is tier 3
    me is tier 1
    rookie is correct, however i would personally be torn between tier 1 and 2 on bb
    flow is tier 1
    oasis is tier 3 (i would say tier 2 is fine but some of the stages are super un-intuitive for new players)

    enlightened is tier 1

    progress is the only map i checked the time on, feel free to point out other time disparities if there are any.
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    I suppose as there's a reply bumping this, something we've experimented internally a little with using statistics to define map difficulty based on various factors specific to [BB] and we think we may have hit something that works. I can't guarantee this will appear any time soon, but it'll be interesting to see how people view the scale :)
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