Season 21 winners!

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    The final season of the year has been concluded. This particular season we had a notable amount of cheaters being detected and while they didn't impact the overall outcome, I'm somewhat amused. In many of the detection cases there's no actual evidence they were trying to cheat on Surf but instead were connecting after cheating on other servers.

    This month we saw a tighter spread of points overall which is likely because no one could go anywhere over Christmas.

    Alas, on to the rewards!

    1st place: 9oober - 486 points
    2nd place: GlanGeR - 433 points
    3rd place: Jr6150 - 423 points
    4th place: YoKnow0w.-! - 335 points
    5th place: bigdogmat - 293 points
    6th place: Snow - 245 points
    7th place: Mizeree - 207 points
    8th place: Brinker - 207 points
    9th place: eth9n - 200 points
    10th place: KiT - 188 points

    As Brinker and Mizeree had the same amount of overall points, they've both been issued 7th place rewards.

    To see the reward structure, please visit this post.

    Rewards have been issued.
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    Maybe one day I'll be on that list :(

    Congratulations to the season 21 winners!
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