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    I hit the character limit twice so the last part is here...


    Climb Autohop Cooldown - How long is the cooldown for turning on and off autobhop in climb without resetting the run?

    Replay System - What’s the current status of the replay system?

    Custom Race Music - Is that possible? Similar to the custom map list music.

    Forum Titles - How do I get a forum title? I’ve spent quite a bit of time there going through old posts, and I see a lot of custom titles. Is that obtainable?
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    From what I read through briefly most make sense, I do agree on $250 perm plat, and loadouts have been talked about a few times as I think it'd be really good - can see how much easier it made WoW etc when it was added.

    Player models have generally been Plat as it's something we've had to make Plat more appealing, could be worth looking at rewards via achievements, although it's a shame to lock the larger downloads behind achievement walls.

    I believe seasonal reward unusual crates now have a higher rate for unusuals.

    I think forum titles are just something that are made randomly or if someone is flagged as a role manually i.e. an admin.
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    I'll answer what I can.

    • Replay - No work has been done on it for a while now. IRL has been particularly troublesome for me over the past half-year and honestly little to no work has been done on [BB] as a whole. It's not that I don't want to, it's that I personally don't have the capacity to deal with it at the moment.
    • Custom race music - No. Could probably be added though.
    • Forum Titles - Forum titles have existed and changed throughout the life of the forum software. At the moment I believe it requires an admin to change the title. If there was a forum sync system we could probably enable Platinums to do it as well. No plans at the moment.