[SUGGESTION] Changing the map voting system.

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    Very long and boring post. TLDR is even too long. Voting systems are complicated it turns out. Half of text is also just charts.
    I totally get why you wouldn't want this, it's complicated and would be hard to explain to new players.
    Most votes are very clearly split between 2 maps using our current system which results in ties and very close votes occurring very often. It also makes it possible for a map to get the most votes yet with the majority of the server having not voted for it. The ability to pick multiple maps in a set number (ex:3 map votes per person) and not allowing someone to vote multiple times for the same map could fix this issue.

    Using the surf server as an example of how this would work would be like this (with the biggest changes should be made with the end)
    7 votes Fortum
    6 votes Kitsune 2
    3 votes Meme (1/10 have used all)
    3 votes Squirrels On Vacation (3/10 have used all)
    2 votes Kitsune (5/10 have used all)
    2 votes Frost (7/10 have used all)
    2 votes Mesa Mine (9/10 have used all)
    1 vote Lore (10/10 have used all)
    Downside to this system shown here: Can still lead to ties
    Upside to the system shown here: Least confusing method whilst still resulting in a more accurate portrayal of what the people actually want to play
    If you use a system where you pick the maps in order of how much you like it (Condorcet Method) the system would look more like this:
    Map: 1st pick 2nd pick 3rd pick
    Fortum: 4 votes 2 votes 1 vote
    Kitsune 2: 4 votes 1 vote 1 votes
    Meme: 0 votes 1 vote 2 votes
    SOV: 0 vote 1 votes 2 vote
    Frost: 0 votes 0 votes 2 votes
    MM: 0 votes 0 votes 2 votes
    Lore: 1 vote 0 votes 0 votes

    Now this method works in this way: Count 1st votes. Count 2nd votes. If tie, count 3rd votes. If not, give winner to person with the highest total of the 1st and 2nd votes. If it is a tie, do the same but add the 3rd votes as well. In this case you find that Fortum and K2 tie with 1st votes, but Fortum wins on the 2nd votes round and thus wins as an entirety. This is also true if 3rd pick is counted. In order to prevent ties, the 3rd votes must ONLY be counted in the situation where after counting the 1st and 2nd votes it's a tie. The odds of a tie occurring with this method is very low but not completely impossible.

    Biggest downside with this voting method: Programming it might suck a little, but what sucks the most would be finding a way to get people to change their 1st or 2nd pick after already setting them. I would suggest maybe 3 selectors in the bottom right for each vote. Also it may be confusing for new players so maybe text at the top that summarizes it would be helpful. The text could maybe say something like "Vote 3 maps. Vote in order of what you like most" and keep the algorithm in the background and allow people to unselect a map and click another map and have it set to the same order, as in if you prefer a map more than your 3rd pick but less than your 1st, you can click your 2nd map to unselect and click another and it will be set as your 2nd pick.
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    So I had a lengthier post typed out for this and then I accidentally closed Chrome, so if this post seems a bit short then that's why.

    Short answer is no: keeping it simple is far better than trying to mix it up for the sake of mixing it up.

    Tie scenarios aren't an issue because the server simply picks. There's quite a bit of player psychology in terms of herd mentality and so on as to why people will "flock" to similar maps as well meme-y map names (surf_meme anyone?). There are things we could implement / try (anonymous voting) but the reality is no one system is going to be perfect. The votemap system is actually capable of a few different scoring types however most of these would lean towards "pro" surfers getting a strong advantage. Maybe that's something worth looking in to but would require further discussions that I'm not sure would really benefit Surf in the long run.
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    To be fair most votes I see a map is often clearly the winner, I don't see a map win by 1 point very often. I'd agree that I'm happy with the current simple system where everyone just gets 1 vote and donators get 2. I think the only thing missing is some indication of the map difficulty on the vote screen.