BBase Update 44.2

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    This updates the social controls update, available via !ignore, !social and so on. We implore players that are experiencing social friction to self-manage and control their interactions with other players. You can mute audio, temporarily mute text or flat-out ignore players through this system.

    Furthermore if you have a player ignored on Steam, their audio / text will automatically be muted on a [BB] server now.

    • Adds social controls
    • Disable the ability to even try to spray a spray. They don't work on [BB] and purposefully never will.
    • Added Genji playermoder for Platinum
    • Added achievements for Steam / Discord membership
    • Added a new vphysics-based entity that allows us to create rotatable trigger entities.
    • Inventory loading performance on clients has been massively increased and users should see a general performance increase. Users over 1000 items will see a stutter, but a less significant one.
    • The unusual effects added a few updates ago are now available in Jars
    • Started new crate season
    • Various map configurations for gamemodes were adjusted
    • Add a few sanity checks for when receiving a private message in-game.
    • Added new items
    • Various string fixes
    • Added some additional server hardening
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.