BBase Update 44.1

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    Actually a mixture of fixes, but this was primarily added for functionality for the ranking system update.

    • Players can no longer use achievement broadcast when muted
    • Fixed crate drops on cheaters causing PostDataHandlesLoaded to return early and not execute any outstanding hooks.
    • Added plat button with the special [P] on it.
    • marketplace window listing size no longer depends on the order it was pressed * it.
    • Added a "nag" window for platinum, that can be used generically
    • Added aforementioned "nag" window to the locked equip panel
    • Locked plat equip panel now has a [P] instead of a lock symbol
    • Resolved a potential bug, where an item with the ITEM_FLAG_ALT_SLOT flag, which couldn't be equipped in an alt slot, on a player without platinum, would cause their equipped items to not be loaded.
    • Resolved lau error #5 where you could try and list an item on the marketplace without selecting one.
    And a few, unlisted backend changes that are of no interest.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.