BBase Update 43

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    Whoops, typically we try to push one of these threads out every month or so, yet we've nearly gone three! Here's a list of stuff so you can know the latest and greatest.

    • Now validates and monitors internal net messages
    • Admins in the Amen panel can now see when a player first joined (ever)


    • Fix how elder / ancient / eternal achievement checks are done as there was an edge case that could prevent their calculations
    • Generic derma clientside fixes for the August GMod update
    • Urls were changed from bbroleplay to bbservers
    • If no maps are selected during votemap, votemap will now randomly pick one instead.
    • Added the UwU achievement
    • Internally added a webhook system so we can add them quickly instead of the same repeated boilerplate over and over
    • Added the AAAAAAA! item
    • Added a few new trails
    • Halloween event now lasts a full month instead of two weeks
    • Players will no longer get the "gasp" drowning sound when they first spawn in.
    • Achievement counts are now correct.
      • If there are deprecated achievements and you have earned them, your count will show them included in your total category achievement count.
      • If there are deprecated achievements and you haven't earned them, your total count will subtract these correctly.
    • Changed how often the marketplace will announce something being listed on a per-user basis.
    • BBase now has the ability to raise issues directly to GitHub via our issues raiser bridge.
    • Updated internal BBase authentication systems to use more modern GMod hooks.
    • Changed how BBase calculates and displays the final Cube reward string.
    • Delivery system now has a semaphore to ensure duplicate events cannot occur.
    • Minor chatbox changes to try and better deal with text cutoff
    • Private messages have had some display and behaviour bugfixes
      • Users can now use `/w <name> <message>` to PM players alongside the typical /pm command
    • Various map configs added for surf
    • Bugfixes and the like which aren't listed above.
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