BBase Update 38.4

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    Mostly bugfixes with a sprinkling of administration

    • Added waterpistol punishment. This is unusual in that it doesn't have a universal effect beyond an intention (lack of damage / damage reduction). Implementations will vary gamemode per gamemode, e.g. TTT impacts things such as traitor selection, karma and so on.
    • Fixed various types in some of the system messages
    • Chatbox changes to better affect lower resolutions. Sorry 4K users, you'll have to wait a bit longer!
    • Changed slightly how the version stuff is done for the new server portal. Ain't perfect,but it'll do for now.
    • Fixed a small chatbox edgecase where it'd error because the client loaded too slow.
    • Fixed how some features interact with the Platinum system on the client due to under-the-hood net system changes.
    • Lottery system now accepts commas / periods when entering the number directly in the command.
    • Stat system has had some hefty updates internally due to some collisions of stat indices.
    • Xmas achievements have been reclassified from yearly to legacy / modern. We were copy pasting achievements at this point and it made 0 sense to continue doing this. You may have some duplicates / times where you earned the same ones within 2017/18. Don't worry about it.
    • Added new Xmas items.
    • Xmas head items can now be unusual.
    • Fixed a bug in emotes where if an unexpected model was used, it'd error out.
    • CSC now correctly respects and enforces normal chat flood rules.
    • Other miscellaneous fixes
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.