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    A bit overdue with this post (pls don't kill me @Kaiden) but it's finally here, the latest updates!

    • Updated some internal anti-cheat logic due to some under-the-hood GMod changes
    • Updated how some commands internally get cached and stored.
    • Updated command matching to accept single or double quotations (fuck lua pattern matching)

    • The chatbox is now in 100% of the time! While there's some more work to be done on it for extra functionality, the core implementation with markup tags are in place.
      • There'll be a further update in-game which shows you all the tags and their combinations in the near future. For now, if someone uses a tag you like and want to use, check the console!
      • There's also some configuration you can do. To find the appropriate commands, type "find bb_chatbox" in console for the current convars.a
    • Added support for the monthly Platinum system + legacy Platinum.
      • While we do make a key distinction under the hood for those whom are "legacy", we don't anticipate nor expect any differences between these two in the future.
    • Added item model pre-cacheing. This behaviour can be disabled though it's recommended to keep it on to avoid "jerks" when new players join the game.
    • Re-added player model pre-cacheing. Turns out I ripped this out a while ago with the intent to put it back and never did. Likewise with the above, loading "jerks" should be gone.
    • Players are now aware on the client of whom is Platinum and who isn't.
    • Fixed a bug where if a message was broadcast from the Server / Console, it would likely fail.
    • Added a slew of items for Halloween + new crates.
    • Added new flashlight sounds. Currently 10 are in game with more to come
    • Added a new flashlight slot for everyone!
      • Flashlight items are no longer misc items.
    • Updated the title card UI so it can preview and take advantage of the new text parsing system (i.e. coloured tags).
    • The spider and cats have decided they want to crawl into their right place, and so the Bugs Life actually looks correct
    • Servers will now broadcast their status to discord every time they change level.
      • Worth mentioning that player counts may be wrong as it takes the count of all players in the server at the time, not of those connecting / connected.
    • Market fees have been reduced
    • Chell from Portal 2 is back! No idea why she was ever removed, but she's back!
    • Reworked and completed the voice emote system to work correctly with female models.
      • In short (possibly related to Chell) this only really worked with Chell and a few limited models. As the model system was upgraded a while ago there's no reason why it couldn't be utilised. If there are corresponding female emotes, they will be used instead.
    • Changed crate dropping logic so Platinum players cannot abuse (as easily) the Surf quicksave system (Thanks @Chaco #11 )
    • Added Ashe player model
    • Put some fixes in place so the server portal can still be used, because apparently versions don't get changed on both server and client with updates unless they're incompatible???
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