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Discussion in 'BBase' started by Teddi, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Another month, another update!

    • Updated the admin panel to scale better with higher populations of players for certain commands
    • Added various new items for wearing
    • Added effect jars - lets you turn any compatible item into an unusual of the applied effect jar!
    • Added the abilities in F1 to disable the uncrating, unboxing and cheering unbox sounds.
    • Votemap has had a lick of paint! It now actually looks decent as opposed to the unfinished state it looked.
      • We've added widescreen support as well. If your resolution is wide enough, we'll default to it. If you don't like it, you can use 'bb_votemap_disable_widescreen 1' in console to disable it.
      • There'll be more updates for this coming out over the next couple of months involving map popularity and a few other things.
    • BBPP now signals once it's done its' work to a spawned entity.
    • Fixed a bug with death emotes where a player could still talk while muted, when dead.
    • Achievements can now be filtered whether or not to announce. No more asking where you've been touched!
    • Added Timeless dust (replaced Paradoxical dust)
    • Added Soldier 76 playermodel for Platinum
    • Added Tracer playermodel for Platinum.
    • Updated some graphics of in-game items.
    • We can now have up to 20-slot craft recipes.
    • /Cubes is now a thing because people couldn't be bothered to open the console and / or store.
    • Deprecated a number of achievements that are no longer attainable. These will still show up as a numerical indicator under the categories. We're looking to resolve that.
    • Misc. bug fixes.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.