[SUGGESTION] A /ballpit or /bp command

Discussion in 'Suggestions / Bugs' started by Chase, Mar 31, 2021.

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    Feb 19, 2016
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    I think adding something like /bp or /ballpit and it popping up a screen where you can click a button for both ballpit and non ballpit VC would be helpful for people that want to play music or just talk to someone in the ballpit. Me and others have told plenty of people how to do it but they just give up because either they dont trust it or get stuck in it. If we could just say do /bp and they see thats how easy it is then it might make less people spam music in the regular VC. A con of this idea is, it might make more people mic spam since its that easy to join and others can join to talk to them. Just an idea of some sort.
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    Feb 13, 2008
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    It's kept sort of incognito as it's meant as a punishment channel really. Sure people can join it to "spam" but it's not really behaviour we want to encourage. We also want to avoid fragmenting chat and having half in the ballpit and half out, a sub-set of players are much more likely to stick around if they can see there's discussions they can join in with etc.
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    Once upon a time it was considered to have voice channels that users could "join" to sort of have it so people could have choice, but it was realised after some discovery that it would cause exactly what @Kaiden has mentioned in terms of fragmentation. Making it more accessible is something that'd be easy to do; but probably would be counter-intuitive. In reality what might work better (yet still causes the same fragmentation issue) is an opt-in to audio chat - ie you can't hear anyone until you've opted in.

    But again with the above there'd possible be fragmentation.
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