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Garry's Mod

  • Instant FastDL server
  • Dual quad-core servers
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  • Upload any JAR
  • Secure web console
  • Up to 2GB exclusive RAM
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TF2 & CS:S

  • Instant sv_downloadurl server
  • Single-click mod installer

And if that wasn't enough...

No matter which server you buy, you can always take advantage of these features:

  • Great Support! We're available through email, tickets, and live chat to help you with any issues you run into with your server, plus we'll help you install mods to get you up and running. We can't fix your gamemode or police your server, but we'll always try our best!
  • High-End Hardware & Connections mean your server can handle almost anything you or your players throw at it, plus we constantly monitor and tweak our servers to ensure maximum performance.
  • Automatic SVN Updates keep your mods up-to-date for you. We offer the biggest mods through an automatic installer, but we can set you up with any mod, even your own SVN server.
  • Free MySQL Databases that are hosted on the same machine as your server, reducing in-game lag and server downtime. You can even connect to the database from your website for live stats or in-game integration, just let us know!


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